Life is a battlefield.



A determined Ishlahl flees the suburbs and domestic violence into an inner city public housing estate. Searching for a new start for herself and daughter Danni, she meets sugar coated Ben, who helps her to forget. And even though he wants to be better this time round, he can’t escape his volatile tendencies. Meanwhile elderly Mary is confronted by long-lost daughter Helen who wants to pull her mother out of a world she doesn’t understand. Then there’s the friendly live-in security man, Bob, who in an attempt to keep the residents safe, is forced to face his own demons. It seems the only one that can break through the vicious cycle of poverty, crime and violence is Danni, but at what cost?

Actors: Miah Madden and Jada Alberts

Director: James Ward Breen
Writer: Patricia Cornelius
Producer: Natalie Palomo